Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Facebooking is True

I am Married. I am now officaly Jessica Ulmer, Oh yeah German last name eat your hearts out LOL so funny hearing people try and spell it most comon geuss is that it starts with an O LOL. Well I was Married April 16both our familys where there (minus a cody toes and Burly and lil biggines as I nicknamed the boy due to finals and My brilliant sister graduated way to go Burkley) It was small and simple just as I wished it to be. We will have a larg reception next year in Kentucky so I will kepp yall posted and for pic of the wedding see my Facebook page.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to school

Back to school back to school to prove to dad that I'm not a fool. LOL great song by Adam Sandler. But no seriously I have finished my first week back to school full time yikes. But it has started with a good bang. my first paper has already been graded and I got a 100%. wooo hoo in 20months I will have my associates degree yea!!!! Working towards a Masters in psychology. Woot woot then I can be the sugar ma ma!!!!!

with this full work load I work on call at the lovely Savannah Day spa and I turned in my 2 weeks notice on post a month ago so in this week I was offered a considerable promotion. I respectfully have declined and will be of the schedule by February although they will be keeping me on pay roll LOL. I suck at quiting. So this is what is going on.

Oh we are looking to move 45 minutes south as well so we have been house hunting looking to move in by March 15th. Alison is ready to potty train and Taylor is still the awesome mommies helper. Nick is in Iraq kicking butt and taking names running of almost no sleep. He is the man. Oh and Brown will be leaving at the end of the month as he is PCSing (moving) back to Hawaii.

This is the update in a nutshell

NO cats for the AliKat

So in case you didn't no Alison's nick name is AliKat with a nick name like this you would think she would have a serious affinity to cats. OH the contrary LOL. This girl has a HATRED/Fear of cats that makes me laugh to the point of tears (I am a mean mommy)We first found out her fear and hatred for cats when the AWESOME Ulmer clan came to town and we went to a southern crab shack. I say southern because the restaurant is motted by alligator pits with "gator" feeding stations and all.Well we are seated and enjoying the yummy food when a cute yellow Tabbie cat comes strolling up and under Alis seat I say "alison look a Kitty cat" she looks down and sees a tail twitching right next to her and losses her mind I pull her out of her high chair to see the cat and this only furthers her crying with big crocodile tears, I care her out side to calm her down thinking it was just cause it surprised her. Mind you calming my child that is afraid of cats by looking at the alligators so once calmed down by alligator's. I carie her in to the restaurant. Oh man to funny she would not keep her head still she was looking over her shoulder like it was a ninja kitty and going to attack her at any moment LOL she saw it again and it was done for the night we had to leave. Now flash forward to my hilarity of today. We are climbing the stairs to our apartments tonight and we are on the second floor I see the cat right by our landing not thinking to much of it we make it 3 steps from the cat when it decides to move and alison losses her mind she flipped out you would have though I threw her down the stairs there was no calming her down till She locked the door and then she kept looking out the sliding door to make sure no evil kitty would be getting in. I had the hardest time not laughing out loud while trying to calm my inconsolably AliKat.Me thinks we will never be owning a cat and AliKats nickname will be changed once she is able to LOL

Monday, November 23, 2009

No more face pircings

So as you may have noticed I had gotten the Marilyn Monroe Piercing well on my travel to California a certain Lil girl head butted it a few times and the recycled air did not help matters I woke up this morning and had to dig it out of my lip. LOL was quit the site to see my dad with clamps on the stud getting it out.
Lesson of the day if you don't hate yourself and you have a cute face don't try and "enhance" it with metal it ends poorly LOL i guess we should leave Marilyn Monroe look to herself.
No more face "enhancements" lol

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Starting a new

Well here I am starting over again at 27 kinda cool. So why not start fresh with a new blog. Here is my disclaimer I suppose: I am truly a blond I mean no offence to anyone so don't take any what I will put on here is truly what I am thinking and feeling. With this fresh start I have and am learning to set boundary's with people and that I cant please all that many people so I wont be trying anymore. Living my life I suppose lighter and more honest not only with my self but with others, by this I mean I am a notorious People pleas er and let me tell you that is exhausting so I have quit. Living my life these days for me and my babies. Hope you find humor and amusement in my thoughts/blogs as I find even my "tragedy's" comical in the end. So stop by leave a coment and I llok forward to reading about you too!